Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions a lot. If you have a question, look here first, chances are you'll find the answer.

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  1. Where are the channel rules?
    Thanks for asking! You can find the rules here.

  2. Where do I read the NDA?
    You can read the extended NDA by going to and clicking the "iPhone SDK Agreement" link. This fact is not under NDA.
  3. Can I file bugs?
    YES! File bugs for everything! Filing bugs does not violate your NDA. You file bugs at
  4. Is #iphonedev for development with the SDK or without?
    Discussion is primarily focused around Apple's SDK
  5. How does Cocoa memory management work?
    Why does my Cocoa code leak?
    My Cocoa app crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS, what do I do?

    You made a memory management error. Read through Hold Me, Use Me, Free Me and CocoaDev: MemoryManagement to understand basic principles, and CocoaDev: NSZombieEnabled for how to track them down if you still can't find your error.

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