#iphonedev Rules

#1 Google first. Ask second. Read the docs. Search the web thoroughly. Talk out your problem to yourself before asking questions in-channel.

#2 Be resourceful. The #iphonedev channel is for tough questions. Learn the language, master the basics, and figure out how to participate without constant hand-holding.

#3 Show respect. This is a volunteer-staffed channel. Each members' time is worth at least as much as your own. Don't forget to say, "Thanks!"

#4 Don't say it "doesn't work". Explain your problem completely and concisely.

#5 Show your code. If you don't want to or can't show your code, then create a minimal project that demonstrates your issue.

#6 Use a paste site. Never paste multiple lines of code directly into the channel. Don't paraphrase. Show your actual code and error messages.

#7 Stay on topic. Visit our off-topic channel (#iphonedev-chat) for non-dev discussion.

#8 Inform yourself. Read the FAQ. Learn the basics.

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